Some Examples

Geyser Streaming is a website for ultra easy personal cloud computing. Sign up, log in, power on your desktop, and remote into the cloud. The goal of this project is to make owning a cloud computer as simple as possible. Everything is one click after you log in! Further information can be found on the Geyser Streaming website mentioned at the beginning of this excerpt

XML to JSON Conversion API

We have developed a simple easy to use API that allows users to post an XML to a REST API and get the data returned in JSON format in an instant

HR to IT Onboarding Automation

We’ve developed a fully fledged deployment platform that makes setting up a new user automatic. Link your cloud platforms and domain, set up roles for your company, assign permissions and software to the role, and onboard users in seconds!

Custom funding TRansport solution

We have developed buttons to collect Dynamics CRM data, convert it to JSON format, manipulate the data and import into a highly customized Great Plains database

End-to-end Reporting and loan transport system

We have worked with a company using the NLS loan servicing system to create a daily automated process of boarding all loans that were being managed in their Dynamics CRM database. We had reporting created using Power BI to create a dashboard that watches every transactional detail of what is happening with each loan being boarded

Database normalization

We have normalized many databases producing more efficient SQL servers

And much more…